Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we added Telehealth visits using secure platforms, to ensure our patients continue to have access to care. 

Telehealth visits enable our patients to have a secure, quality, face-to-face visit via video from smartphones or computers. If you do not have computer or smart phone capabilities, your visit can be done via telephone call.

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To schedule a telehealth visit, you can connect with us through the Patient Portal, Healow App or call our office at 908-561-9733.

Alliance Primary Care of New Jersey
RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) services

Medicare is supporting using technology for patient monitoring.
With Remote Monitoring, our patients will be better engaged in their own care and avoid unnecessary ER or hospital visits.

Our patients will be able to monitor their blood pressure, glucose or weight at home and have our care team be able to review these vital signs and provide recommendations as needed.

Who is eligible for monitoring?
Patients who will benefit from our RPM include those with certain chronic medical conditions including: hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, heart failure.

How it works
When physician determines you will benefit from remote monitoring and you agree with the monitoring, we will enroll you with our partner. 

Our partner "100Plus", will supply the monitors and provide all necessary support for the devices. Your device will arrive fully configured and ready to use. Feel free to contact 100Plus customer service if you have questions about your device at (844)-483-7587, option 2.

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Patient Monitoring
SAME DAY VISITS and URGENT CARE visits are available for our patients  during our office hours. Please call us if you are not feeling well!